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September is ‘World Alzheimer’s Month': Could Chronic Dehydration be the cause behind Alzheimer’s?

You might be able to stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks. Once a brain cell dies it cannot be recovered. It is gone forever. Protect what you have. Keep yourself hydrated.

What is Alzheimer’s? It’s a terribly debilitating illness shutting down one brain cell at a time as it shrinks back onto its self. Eventually, as each system in the brain shrinks it will die. So will each system in the body die as the brain shrinks just like a flower withers. Ending as it started. One cell at a time.

There is no known cure once Alzheimer’s has started. Drinking your water might be the prevention. Water might hold the key for all of us.

Could Chronic Dehydration be the cause behind Alzheimer’s?

Part 9 of the Living Healthy Naturally Series

By Billie V. Odor, LMT/CT MM10840/MA12768

18 years as a Colon Hydro Therapist and Your Health Navigator

About five years ago, I attended an all day class covering the topics; Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s. The instructor was explaining that the main concern was when you started with one disease you would most likely develop the other two diseases. Even with that being said, the biggest problem was not with the diseases in themselves but with the sheer number of “aging baby boomers”. As this large bubble of baby boomers become aging seniors’ moving through society there will be a serious strain on the current health care system. The other main point was that almost every one of those aging baby boomers will require long term care. Just to put that into perspective, as of today, in America, we have more or less 7,000 baby boomers retiring every day. The numbers are staggering. The average American lives approx. 78 years.

Right Now 7000 “Baby Boomers” are retiring every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And this is only the beginning. Excerpt from a financial newsletter. [link to www.investyourself.com]

I went into this class hoping to leave with a better understanding of this degenerative disease called Alzheimer’s. I expected to hear how we could possibly catch this disease from one another person. Or if indeed Alzheimer’s was really a disease then how was it attacking the human brain? I wanted to learn what was causing the brain tissue to start breaking down. After all, you and I hear it through the media talk about how Alzheimer’s is spreading at an alarming rate. You would think this disease was something contagious, a virus that was spreading from person to person.

Aloysius “Alois” Alzheimer, (14 June 1864 – 19 December 1915) Alzheimer is credited with identifying the first published case of “presenile dementia”, which Kraepelin would later identify as Alzheimer’s disease.

Didn’t we use the word senility when referring to someone older? Now that senility has been diagnosed as “Alzheimer’s” this makes it a medical problem instead of just an aging problem. Translation, it costs more, a lot more. Alzheimer’s will make more money for the pharmaceutical companies than cancer. Medications, home care, senior day care centers, are to name a few. The costs to the families are far more than just a financial burden. The first wave of baby boomers started retiring in 2008. We’re only 2 years in; we have another 18 years at an estimate of 7,000 baby boomers retiring per day. Oh, it gets better. The latest report is this: Alzheimer’s is now being diagnosed in our young adults as early as 30 years old.

This is what I found out. Alzheimer’s is not a contagious virus.You cannot cure Alzheimer’s not even with antibiotics. The instructor followed with an even more shocking statement. Alzheimer’s is the “brain shrinking”. The instructor went on to say that no one in the medical field knew why the brain was shrinking.

So far the only thing they can come up with is this: Alzheimer is the cause, I thought that was the name of the doctor who discovered presenile dementia, not the disease itself.

Alzheimer’s changes the brain | Slide 8 | Alzheimer’s Association … Alzheimer’s disease leads to nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain.

As I am hearing those words, I almost fell out of my chair. I’m thinking the brain is shrinking? This is great news. Is this one of those times where you ask, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” We (you & me) can turn this around. Of course, I thought this quietly to myself. Surely, He Knows? Could it be? The instructor knows. He has to know the weight of a healthy brain is 70 percent water! I kept waiting for the instructor to talk about how important it was for us to hydrate. I kept waiting for him to say in plain English how important it was for us to drink our water. He never even mentioned how important water was to our bodies, let alone our brains!

It was about then he released us to go take our break. I went up to him, introduced myself and told him my profession. I also shared with him about what we had been experiencing in our clinic with some of the Alzheimer’s clients who were coming in for colon hydro therapy. I must say, He was polite. After our break the class resumed. Instead of talking about hydration he went on to cover the other two diseases and how each disease would eventually lead from one to the other. Not one word on hydration, not one. That was it! I was shocked. How could the obvious not be discussed? He would not even acknowledge the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Instead, the rest of the lecture was about medication. His whole focus was on treating the symptoms not the cause of the disease and most certainly not the person who was suffering with Alzheimer’s. This is when I really got ticked off. And so should you. His finale comment: Your only option right now is for you, the families of the Alzheimer’s patient, is to learn how to live with it. The conscience is Alzheimer’s causes the brain to shrink.

WHAT! I think they have it backwards. The brain is suffering from dehydration which in turn causes the brain to shrink. It is so obvious. You need water, not just fluids. Plain clean WATER! Well, now you have my 2 cents on the subject. I’m not through yet. I’ve got 3 cents more to give you.

Now, here we are, 5 years later and the same questions are still coming up. Why isn’t someone talking about the real reason the brain would be shrinking? Why isn’t this information on the news? Why aren’t we talking more about the possible cause? Have you ever heard the phrase “keep it simple”? Well that’s what “Ockham’s Razor” is, keep it simple. Or, as I would put it, “cut to the chase”. Maybe the answers to the questions are simple. That is where the real problem lies. We are looking too hard outside of ourselves. The cure is in the prevention. I sure hope so, because from where I sit the future doesn’t look to good. The pharmaceuticals want to load you up with all the medications you can swallow in a day. You can take all the medications you want. What good will it do you? It won’t, if you don’t drink the water. The medications will not re-hydrate your brain. You have to address the real issue, drink your water.

This is my brain saying, “Really?Alzheimer’s,a disease?” The disease we call Alzheimer’s is by definition the “brain shrinking”. If you do not drink enough water every single day you will become dehydrated. Yes, the real problem may be as simple as chronic dehydration? Is dehydration the cause and Alzheimer’s the effect? Is chronic constipation a signal, a warning so to speak of what is really going on in the head? Can doing something as simple as just drinking water make a difference? Well, Yes! Water affects everything in the body on a cellular level. I believe prevention is the key. Ask yourself this? Who will take care of you, or look out for you if you out living your children? I guess that is a mute question, you won’t remember anyway.

“I would like to share with you what I walked away from that class with. In no way am I stating a cure or diagnoses. Nor am I prescribing anything. I know I am not the doctor. This is solely my observation. I am not trying to minimize the effects of Alzheimer’s. If anything, I am stating there is a simple solution in the prevention to some degree. Alzheimer’s starts out as dehydration but quickly becomes more. What I am saying is everything has a starting point.”

When you boil it all down, it is not enough just to treat the affect of Alzheimer’s on the brain. OK, so what do we know? We know the brain is shrinking. Why, does anything shrink? It is drying out. When you have an over compensating factor there will be a direct opposite factor that is the cause. If the brain is drying out so is the rest of the body. Constipation is a direct result of chronic dehydration. Are we so focused on the one tree we don’t even notice we are in the middle of the forest? We have to pull back our focus and look at the whole picture. See and listen to the whole person. As humans we are always looking for something grand somewhere else, when the obvious is sitting right here in front of us, the real problem could be chronic dehydration.

By the time you are diagnosed with a health issue it usually has already been going on for many years. It has just recently gotten your attention. So, you go to the doctor. There will be a number of x-rays, CAT scans, MIRs and tests before the verdict is handed down. By the time the Alzheimer’s symptoms show your brain has already been shrinking for several years. The damage has already been done. Over time you can re-hydrate your body and with enough time and consistence maybe the brain will start to fill back out. When you start hydrating the body, drinking your water will not cure Alzheimer’s. The brain is already damaged. But, you could possibly stop it in its tracks. As far as we know today, you cannot undo the damage that was done while the brain was shrinking. I know of three options for you; drink your water one cup at the time, through an IV, enemas, or colonics. Either way the water has to get into the body. With consistently hydrating the body you might be able to slow Alzheimer’s. It will be difficult. By now the person with Alzheimer’s needs someone else to help with keeping them hydrated

every day. Once it has started it will be difficult. Now this is where I have to write the following statement: “Always check with your primary care physician first.”

You did not in one day become dehydrated. Chronic dehydration is a process, day after day becoming a month then years. As you read the following see if any of this fits you. With each passing day you drink less and less water. So, your brain sends you a signal that your body is thirsty, you grab a soda or cup of coffee or eat something. Another signal comes from the brain, this time the signal is a headache. You take an over the counter something. The brain sends another signal, this one is harder, stronger, meaner, possibly a migraine. Now you’re on prescription meds. You’re noticing you have dry skin. Constipation seems to be more regular than you lately. The only relief you get is with taking an over the counter laxative. By now you have so many signals you don’t know what you’re feeling. You just feel run down all the time. You’re on high blood pressure medicine. OK, here comes another signal, depression, and more meds. All the while your body is becoming more dehydrated. You no longer get relief from the over the counter laxative. You’re drinking more sodas, coffee, and alcohol while eating heavy rich meals. How does this affect the brain? As your body is becoming dehydrated on the outside it is sending you a single you are becoming dehydrated on the inside. One little cell at the time. You’ve started noticing you stay cold. Your blood is getting thick, poor circulation. By now you are developing blood clots. When the blood flow gets thick you are not getting proper blood flow to the brain. You are not getting oxygen the brain. Your brain needs new blood at the correct viscosity to hydrate the brain. Without it, the brain, well it’s shrinking.

The brain doesn’t shrink like a big round circle getting smaller and smaller. Instead, each hemisphere in the brain shrinks back from each other creating space between the hemispheres. See if this example helps you. Imagine you are looking at a map of your county with all the zip codes outlined. The zip codes are touching each other in a nice orderly fashion. Now, what would happen if each one of those zip codes slowly started to shrink and pulled back from each other? The streets would get shorter, the city block would shrink. Everything would become crowded. You would start to have interference with all the services going into that zip code. Over time you would adapt, you make do. Before you know it the whole county is having trouble even getting service. Like our example, as each hemisphere shrinks, more space is created between each hemisphere making it more difficult for the brain to relay the messages. Each hemisphere in its self becomes crowded. As the space between each hemisphere in the brain grows larger and wider so does the loss in memory, the nervous system, motor movements, circulatory system, plaque starts to build, bacteria starts to grow, etc. I think you get the picture.

I’m wondering if anyone is researching the specific affects of hydration/de-hydration on the brain. What I see is this. The person does not go to the doctor until the symptoms’ are already there. The tests are on the brain after the fact. That is why Alzheimer’s is considered the cause instead of the effect.

Well, what about this? 100 American cites (2 cites per state) each w/100 participants; 50 men, 50 women. Track them for 3 to 5 years. Take it down one more level; determine who is hydrated or not (25 men dehydrated vs 25 men hydrated) the same for the women. The key here would be for the participants to go about their lives as they would normally. No one is to change anything thing they are already doing. No one is to give anyone of the participant’s medical advice or nutritional support. There are only 2 requirements; be of legal age for your state and there are to be no symptoms’ of Alzheimer’s before starting the study. I would love to discuss this further.

Causes and Prevention of Alzheimer’s: Dr. Daniel G. Amen Offers … Oct 12, 2008 …Dr. Daniel G. Amen Offers Tips to Prevent Alzheimer’s disease … tuna, avocado and walnuts; drink lots of water and avoid dehydration…

Could Enough Water lead to a Healthier Body?

To start with, you will want to weigh yourself. The formula is your total body weight divided by two. This # equals the minimum amount of water your body requires per day. The maximum amount of water per day would be your total body weight in ounces per day. Drink your water over the entire day, not all at once, one glass, 8 – 10 oz each hour. It’s easier to drink room temperature water. You can use this formula for every living person on the planet from new to old. Drink your water every day. Do not skip a day. The problem is chronic dehydration this means it’s been going on for a long time. You have been at this level of dehydration for so long you think what you are feeling is normal. So, how do you know if you are dehydrated? If you don’t know how good being hydrated feels you will soon. Take a look in the mirror. Do you see those dark circles around your eyes? That is an indication of dehydration. Another signal would be: as you are washing your hands you feel the water flow over your hands, you start thinking how good the water feels? That is your body telling you it is thirsty. Some of the other ways to tell if you are suffering from dehydration is; chronic constipation, depression, restless sleep, low energy, you stay hungry; you can’t think clearly, brain fog, etc. Chronic dehydration can lead to other health issues: migraine headaches, blood clots, phlebitis, heart palpitations, heart attack, or stroke. High blood pressure is a sure sign of dehydration. Drinking the water sets the viscosity of the blood. Could more water mean better circulation? If you don’t drink at least the minimum ounces per day for you, your blood can become as thick as mayonnaise. The blood is too thick and is putting to much pressure on the kidneys. Try pushing mayonnaise into a sponge. Are you getting the idea now?

Some of the things you will start to notice about yourself as you become hydrated are pretty obvious; you’ll have to go to the bathroom more often. Your bowels will start to move. You can think. You eat less. Finally, you have more energy. After a while your blood pressure might even start to normalize. You might even sleep better. Your skin will look better. There are many other benefits to drinking water. I think you get the idea.

My given profession is as a Colon Hydro therapist, hydration for the body is my business.

I have worked with clients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over the last several years. With each Alzheimer’s client as they walked into the office, their loved one is leading the way; they reminded me of a wilted flower. All bent over, their head down, shuffling their feet, their body bent over, withered like a flower needing water. Then after the colonic, the client who was like the flower which has been watered, the Alzheimer’s client, will come out of the therapy room, standing tall. You see this, it is absolutely amazing. The Alzheimer’s client after receiving their colonic is standing up straighter. The client looks you in the eye making contact with you. For awhile, the person was back. The loved one would tell us it would last for a few days. But, with each passing day as the body uses the water, their loved one would revert back to the Alzheimer state of existence, how they were before the colon hydro therapy session. Colon Hydration is not a cure; it is only hydrating the body through the colon.

Chronic dehydration is a long standing problem. Even though colonics are good for everyone, there are times in your life when a colonic may not be appropriate for you. Colon Hydro therapy is not a cure. A 45 minute colonic will only give you temporary relief for a few days at most. When you have a colonic your whole body is hydrated. The body reabsorbs out of the colon by way of osmosis through the lining of the colon, 8 to 10 times every 30 minutes hydrating the body all day long, 24/7.

You might be able to stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks. Once a brain cell dies it cannot be recovered. It is gone forever. Protect what you have. Keep yourself hydrated.

What is Alzheimer’s? It’s a terribly debilitating illness shutting down one brain cell at a time as it shrinks back onto its self. Eventually, as each system in the brain shrinks it will die. So will each system in the body die as the brain shrinks just like a flower withers. Ending as it started. One cell at the time.

As of this writing there is no known cure once Alzheimer’s has started. Drinking your water might be the prevention. Water might hold the key for all of us.

What I know is this; 1 degree of change will make a world of difference.

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www.innerhealingsandassociates.com (813) 657-6198


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