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How Long will Spa Water keep?


Hi Pam!
I made my first spa water today from the spa water app and I loved it! I’m wondering though, how long will the water keep? When should I start over with new fruit? I’ve been adding water as it runs low. Will the fruit be ok overnight without a lid on the pitcher? I scoured the internet before emailing you looking for the information with no luck.  I’m sure I can’t be the only one with the question! I’m going to put your book on my wish list for Mother’s Day!  Thanks for such great recipes!

– Dawn Ray


Hello Dawn, so glad to hear you are enjoying our Spa Water Recipe App!

To answer your question: “How long will Spa Water keep?”

I suggest no more than a few days (2-3) if you are keeping it in the refrigerator overnight (no lid required).
If you are leaving it out all day be sure to use plenty of ice.

After the second day, remove the fruit. You can still enjoy the water if you keep it refrigerated. Depending on
which fruit combinations you are using, the fruit can also be blended with vinegar, olive oil and a touch of honey to make salad dressing or even be added to your favorite smoothie recipe.

Thanks again for contacting us!


– Pam Wenzel

Founder ~ MySpaWater.com


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