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Purchasing Spa Water products wholesale and Serving Suggestions ~


Hi Pam!

I own a yoga studio and would love to start adding in infused waters.  I am curious how long these waters will stay good once mixed.  Do they have to be changed out every day?
Also, how can we get involved w/your company?  I’d love to offer books for sale, etc.

-Diana Kostigen


Hello Diana, thank you so much for your email, great question and congrats on your Vault Yoga Studio~ love your facebook page!

Pam Wenzel~Founder MySpaWater.com

To answer your first question: Even though most infused waters or “Spa Waters” will keep for a few days with refrigeration and plenty of ice, hospitality establishments should offer a fresh Spa Water daily. Clients appreciate fresh ingredients not only aesthetically, but they can also be more appealing to the taste buds! Besides, left overs are rarely a problem, You will find that if you serve it, they will drink!  In case you need some inspiration, here is a blog I had created and shared a few months ago that is very popular in the fitness community. You can bring a cut pineapple or papaya for a garnish and am sure it will be well received!
Good luck and feel free to share your success on our facebook page!

To answer your second question: We do have many wholesale clients and becoming a partner is easy! Just email us at pam@myspawater.com and we will be able to provide you with our wholesale guidelines.

Thanks again Diana for such an excellent question ;) Wishing you great success with your Vault Yoga Studio!


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